Monday, December 5, 2011

Lime Mousse Cake

Every once in a while, I make a recipe that is so delightfully tasty, I don't want to eat anything else.  I hosted a few friends for dinner on Black Friday and I made a Lime Mousse Cake.  The cake was more cheesecake than mousse, but it was absolutely to die for.  I definitely recommend making this.  My friends were nice enough to wait while I posed for a photo, and even to take the picture for me!
Here is a photo of the ingredients, prior to assembly:
For the crust, use a food processor to crumble some ginger snap cookies.  Not a traditional graham cracker crust, but a delicious variation.  The recipe calls for butter to hold together the crumbs,  You could probably use something else with less fat/calories if you wanted to lighten up the recipe.

Mix together lots of delicious ingredients like cream cheese, white chocolate, and lime zest.  You'll eventually add some weird stuff too, like unflavored gelatin and granulated sugar.

 In another bowl, make some whipped cream.  Then mix the two together to complete the filling.  This cake will hold itself together after an overnight in the fridge.  No baking required.

Smooth the top with a spatula, then use a knife to make a sweet note to your honey.

The rough edges are how you can tell it's home made.  I love my 'non-uniform' lime cheesecake with funny edges.

I served it with a few blackberries for garnish.  There are a bunch of different ways to jazz up this dessert, but it really doesn't need it.  It stands quite well on its own.

Do yourself a favor and don't count the calories in the recipe for this cheesecake.  Make it up for a party where there will be lots of people to prevent leftovers.  And for goodness sake, make sure you taste the batter.  ;)