About Me

Hello!  Welcome to my About Me page!  This is usually the first thing I look at after a blog has caught my eye.  I love to learn a bit about the blogger themselves, and figured you might like to know a bit about me.

My name is Amy Ashcraft I am a thirty something female living in Cincinnati.  I enjoy photographing my food, cooking, and sharing recipes.  My main areas of interest are in delicious home cooking, seasonal/local produce, baking, and healthy habits (exercise).

I am a Cincinnati enthusiast.  Cincinnati is my hometown and I love sharing it with people that are new to the area or want to refresh their viewpoint on a place that has been their long time home.  My roommate and I host on Airbnb and we get a lot of positive feedback on the guidebook that we put together to help our guests find great things to do and eat around town.
Lately, I've been really into baking and decorating cakes.  I have a small home based business called Bakery 513.  Eventually I'll be blogging on bakery513.com about my cake stuff, but am planning to keep this blog around as well for extra fun!

Are you interested in being a guest blogger (unpaid) on Queen City Yam?  Give me a shout out about what you'd like to write about and we'll see if we can set something up!

I'd love to interact with you.  You can reach me through this blog, or tweet me @AmyTashcraft