Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eli's BBQ

Eli's BBQ will change your life.

News about this delicious bbq has been all over the web for months...first I heard about him serving food at Findlay Market.  Then I heard rumor that he was opening a shop in the East End.
I decided we had to make the journey.  I even had the perfect day in mind, Friday, January 6th.  This was the day of my LASIK surgery, and as I would be sleeping all day, I would have plenty of calories to 'spend' on my dinner.

As soon as David was home from work, I convinced him to take me down to the East End for some dinner.  Naturally, I was wearing my sexy LASIK goggles.    I was hoping someone would ask if I was Ray Charles but nobody did.

When we pulled up, I was greatly amused to see a man in a pig costume waving at cars while eating a pork rib.  Cannibal!!!  I snapped his photo while we waited for our meals.
David tried the smoked dogs, while my dinner was the pulled pork sandwich, which was tasty, but doesn't hold a candle to the dogs.  I had terrible food envy.  Luckily David let me share a bit of his.

When Eli came by the table to check in on us, I told him how much I liked the hot dogs.  To which he replied, 'those dogs are stupid!'  Which I can only imagine is short for stupid good!  He's right.  They are stupid good.  It's stupid how good they are.  Seriously.

We went back for lunch on Saturday as well.  What can I say?  It's tasty :)

Eli remembered us (probably because I was the only person wearing my sunglasses at night and I look like Ray Charles) and told me if we visited three days in a row we might need to join a program :)

David got rib tips and I got the dogs.  Again, I succumbed to food envy. The rib tips were amazing.  The dogs were amazing.  I left happy with a full belly.  I may need to buy a treadmill.

This will definitely enter our lineup of awesome dinner options.  Yum!!!

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  1. I have to agree - the food is fantastic, and inexpensive! Just a note -- they only accept CASH at the moment...Get on down there and pay them a visit!!!