Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pretty pink cake!

I've got a request to make a wedding cake for some very good friends. To make sure that it goes smoothly, I wanted to practice making a tiered cake ahead of time.

Luckily, my niece was turning 16 at the beginning of March, an occasion that warrants a beautiful tiered cake!

The party was Asian themed and I cooked a whole Chinese buffet worth of food (as a side note, I need more dishes!).

To match the theme with the cake, I decided to make cherry blossoms to decorate the cake.  My niece asked for pink frosting and white cake with strawberry filling.  I did this for the bigger, bottom cake.

I used a trick I found online to make the icing pink.  Instead of adding water to the frosting, I added strawberry juice.  This also puts flavor in the icing and makes it extra yummy!

For the top layer of the cake, I bought Matcha Green Tea powder and used it to make a green tea cake.  I added some lemon curd to the frosting and then tinted it pink with ready for this?  Pink lemonade frosting!

Somehow I managed to get both of the frostings in a similar shade, plus the cherry blossoms.  To bring in some variety, I used chocolate fudge icing for the tree branch and accent coloring.

I squeezed 16 roses onto the top of the cake.
My boyfriend says it was my prettiest cake so far!  I am quite happy with the final product, and so was she!
Happy sweet 16 honey!

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  1. I thought it was your best cake ever! and it tasted great too. I thought I wouldn't like the "green tea" but it was OK. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!