Monday, March 7, 2011

Ohio River Floods to 51-ish Feet

"At a stage of 51feet, water begins to cover more areas of Kellogg Avenue from east of Delta Avenue upstream to near Coney Island to near Eight Mile Road. Parts of Humbert Avenue in the East End, most of Public Landing and Riverside Park off River Road become flooded and impassible."
 I headed down to Serpentine Wall to have a nice walk and take some photos.  These pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

There are actually a lot of steps there...
 By contrast, a photo from July 2010.  I am standing at the bottom of the steps.

Prior to the Great Ohio River Swim in July 2010

River Height March 2011
River Height July 2010 (Photo credit: The Ohio River Way)

The blue wave lines mark floods much higher then current.

Can you see the third green sign?

River height by the Showboat Majestic in July 2010

A day later, I stopped by the Eden Park Overlook on my way down to Bockfest and got a bigger picture, so to speak.  This is the flooding in Bellevue Beach Park
Flooded photo of Bellevue Beach Park
Non-Flooded photo of Bellevue Beach Park (look for flagpole)
This is all fairly typical water heights for the Ohio River around Cincinnati.  Nothing to be overly concerned about.  However, if it keeps raining...

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