Monday, March 21, 2011

Turn of the Century Tour-Bockfest Weekend

 I know this was a few weekends ago...but I'm in grad school now and that means I went from having tons of free time to having zero free time.  So, I am a bit behind on blogging.  I haven't even been cooking much.  I do have a delicious cake and a chicken recipe to share soon though.

You remember in my previous post I talked about the brunch I had at Memorial Hall during Bockfest weekend.  We bought a package deal which also included a "Turn of the Century Tour."  This was a walk through a few local points of interest and I've put together some photos to share.

It was interesting and enjoyable and I definitely saw some things I'd never seen and learned some things I didn't know.

The tour guides said that this was at the funeral for Abraham Lincoln.  It has what look like a bunch of dried flowers on it.  If it looks this good now, I can hardly imagine how good it looked when the flowers were fresh.  Hanging in Memorial Hall

Washington Park reconstruction

Talk about the restoration of Memorial Hall

Tiffany :)

Emery Theater.  Look, Ma, no support beams!   Likely not a bad seat in the house :)

more Emery Theater

Tour guide and folks from the tour on stage at Emery Theater

The orchestra pit looks like it could double as a wading pool...

Backstage!  I really wanted to roam around back there.

More Emery Theater

Piano at Emery Apartments

Classrooms turned into awesome apartments!  Too bad they aren't condos..

Emery Apartments

Walking to St. Francis Seraph

St. Francis Seraph

St. Francis Seraph

Choir seats at St. Francis Seraph

St. Francis Seraph

Dove on the ceiling window

This used to be on the main alter at St. Francis Seraph.  Now residing in the basement

The crypt at St. Francis Seraph

The crypt at St. Francis Seraph

I'm not sure if the scratches in the paint were done to save money or to creep people out

Really nice meditation garden at St. Francis Seraph

What it used to look like before the current state

Beautiful mosaic tiles

Stained glass windows

Don't fall down these stairs!
I had a great time exploring these places.  I probably never would have set foot in them otherwise, and it was amazing to learn more about the history of this town I call home.

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