Wednesday, September 14, 2011

20 Brix

Cincinnati hosts a variety of restaurant weeks.  My favorite by far is the one held by the independent local restaurants featured on  This restaurant week features a three course meal for $26.11 per person (wine/dessert cost extra). 

This year we decided to try 20 Brix Wine Bar and Restaurant in historic Milford.  The name of the restaurant is unique because Brix is the measure of sugar in a liquid, a measure commonly used when talking about wine.

We started the evening with a bottle of wine called The Beach House. 
Doesn't this look cool and refreshing?
Sommelier chosen wine pairings were offered for each menu item, but I felt like having white wine with the whole meal, so I did. :)

My first course was Roasted Cauliflower Veloute, which was similar to a potato soup but with an immense depth of flavor.  Delicious!  You can see the hazelnuts and crushed pepper on it in the picture below.
David started with a classic Iceberg wedge salad.
We also enjoyed some bread.  The butter was blended with lemon and was almost like a cupcake.  It stood out from your normal restaurant bread and butter.
For the second course, David ordered the Lamb Meatballs.
I ordered the seasonal risotto, which came with sweet corn, local teardrop tomatoes, chiles, and aged cheddar cheese.  This was by far my favorite dish.  The picture is unfortunately blurry, as I was unable to hold the camera still in my hurry to get some into my mouth!!
The entree I ordered was very small, but forgivable given the reduced dining price during restaurant week. 

I had the Pan Seared Day Boat Scallops with celery root puree, baby bok choy, chili orange nage, and crispy brussels sprouts.

Ok, so the plating needs a little work.  Or maybe it slid down to one end of the plate.  Who knows.  I had no problem digging in, I assure you!

David got Steak Frites with an arugula salad.
I couldn't resist dessert.  The folks at the table across from us were finishing up their meal when we arrived, and I couldn't help but notice the amazing dessert they ordered.  As soon as they left I asked the waiter about it.  Theirs was some sort of Chocolate Mud Pie Kiss.  Sounded interesting, but not as interesting as the Chocolate Hampton sounded!

ZoMG.  look at this bad boy!
 I asked David to take an action shot of me with the Chocolate Hampton.  I think you can tell by my zany glasses and the weird look in my eye that I am secretly a cat lady.  Ok, perhaps not such a secret any longer...
Delicious.  You'd better believe that we ate every morsel.
This was an excellent meal with excellent service with excellent ambiance.  We will definitely be returning to 20 Brix for more deliciousness soon.

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