Monday, September 19, 2011

Acorn Squash and Black Bean Empanadas

Be jealous.  Be very jealous.

I made Acorn Squash and Black Bean Empanadas from Veganomicon.  They are amazing.

There is nothing that announces the Fall season better than the re-introduction of delicious squash in my eating routine.

You know what I like most about this dish?  The results look homemade.  I'm really quite proud of my misshapen empanadas.
Here are the ingredients I used:
I mixed this dough the dainty way, using two knives to blend it together.  I wouldn't use that method again, however.  It wasn't efficient enough for my tastes.
Once its mixed up, roll it up into a ball then get your rolling pin ready to go.
I tried to be really exact with my measurements of the dough.  It was my first time trying to make empanadas and I think next time I will roll the dough thinner.  In fact, that's my new rule of thumb for rolling dough...just go ahead and make it thinner then you think is necessary.
Here is a picture of the yummy filling getting cooked down.  Maple syrup, red onions, acorn squash, black beans, a few spices.
While the flavors in the filling were melding together, I cut squares from the dough and rolled them out a little larger.
Then it was time to fill them up!
Rinse and repeat until you run out of filling or dough.  Or both at the same time if you're really talented.  The empanada filling was delicious all on its own, so it was served as a side dish a few nights after I made these.
I didn't quite follow the directions in the book for how to fold the empanadas to make them look nicey nice.  So mine definitely look homemade.  But, that's the charm, eh?!

Time to dig in!

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