Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heaven and Hell Cake

Looks delicious, yes?

This epic, gigantic cake is called a Heaven and Hell Cake.  It's so rich and delightful that I've only dared make it once.  This is the type of cake you need a gallon of milk and a carafe of coffee to consume. 

The best part of this cake is that the name really means something.  The heaven part refers to Angel Food Cake and the Hell part is Devil's Food Cake.  While tasty, this also means that your oven is going to be running for several hours while you bake the different layers.
While the cake layers are cooking, you mix up a peanut butter mousse.  The mousse is a combination of cream cheese, peanut butter, heavy cream, and powdered sugar.  Oh my thighs.
Here is the Angel Food cake after coming out of the oven.  It's a little dark on top, but it doesn't matter since the whole cake will be drenched in chocolate ganache.
Here are the completed layers prior to cake assembly.
Back Left:  Peanut Butter Mousse
Back Right:  Chocolate Ganache
Front Left:  Devil's Food Cake
Front Right:  Angel Food Cake
I cut each cake round in half, so as to make 2 layers of each flavor of cake.  In the picture below, I have started building the cake.  Between each layer of cake you smear a thick layer of peanut butter mousse.
It's getting taller!  This is by far the tallest cake I've ever made.  I think the slices were at least 6 inches high.  Quite impressive if you ask me.
 Once the layers are all stacked up, you simply need to drizzle chocolate ganache over the cake to make it presentable and allow the chocolate to harden in the fridge.  If you're an awesome food blogger, you'll clean off your counter top and put a pretty picture in the background for your final pictures.
Then you put on your party dress and add a big bow in your hair.  And rope your boyfriend into taking your picture!  Yummy yummy!

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  1. You are so awesome. Army band to welcome the troops home and recognize them on Memorial day. Then baking stuff like this. Taking care of your Dad. Growing a fabulous urban garden. Getting your MBA. Loving your awesome boyfriend. WHere does it all end? Love you!!!! your awesome AmVivian