Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at Queen City Yam

I didn't have time to get all my fun Halloween posts published before the holiday was over.  David and I went to several haunted activities and I had too much interesting stuff to write about and not enough time!

Here is my Halloween wrap up post on pumpkin carving, seed toasting, and our costumes.

This is my pumpkin.  And, a view of my awesome IKEA spice rack :)  It's actually three spice racks combined and I have absolutely no more room on there, so I hope I don't need any new spices anytime soon!

I was too busy carving to take any action photos, so here is the finished product:
I love that his mouth is asymmetrical.  I think it makes it extra spooky.  The bat hanging in the background doesn't hurt.  ;)
After I was done with the carving, I wanted to toast up the seeds for a late night snack. 
First, I separated the seeds from the goo.
Then I spread them out on a cookie sheet (in a single layer, not like the pile in my photo)
Then I added seasoning.  I wanted a sweet but salty and spicy pumpkin seed, so I mixed in a few different ingredients.  Brown sugar, kosher salt, Dee Felice Jazzed Hot Sauce, and Worcestershire Sauce.  Plus a little butter and garlic.
When the seeds were roasting, my kitchen smelled like a summer time bbq.  Until the seasoning started to burn off on the foil.
I think I was lucky that the seeds themselves didn't burn, because I definitely had the oven on the wrong temperature.
Still, the seeds were quite yummy.

For Halloween itself, we dressed up as Batman and Poison Ivy. 
I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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