Monday, October 17, 2011

King's Island Halloween Haunt

I love going to King's Island……when there aren't long lines or big crowds.  I love to ride the roller coasters and eat funnel cake and just plain enjoy myself.  However, I tend to avoid it during summer due to the heat and what I assume are massive crowds.  Waiting in line for 2 hours just doesn't sound fun to me.

Long lines can mostly be avoided if you visit during King’s Island Halloween Haunt.  They have most of the roller coasters and rides open, plus, they feature multiple haunted houses and ghouls circulating all over the park.

As we walked through the metal detectors and waited to get our admission tickets scanned, ghouls of all shapes and sizes surrounded us and began scaring the daylights out of the crowd.  We went on opening night and these scary folks were ready to go!

While there were a lot of people waiting to get in when the park opened, there were not long lines for most of the rides.  We were able to walk right on to several of the rides and many others only ran through a time or two before it was our turn.  Some of the newer rides had lines, but we only waited about 30 minutes for them.  Towards the beginning and end of the evening we experienced the shortest wait times.

I’ll divide the rest of my review into four sections: Haunts, Rides, Attractions, and Food.


Mysteria is described on King’s Islands web site as the following:
“Get ready to enter a new dimension where nothing is as it appears.  In the world of Mysteria, your senses will never be the same!  Enter at your own peril!”

Mysteria was by far the strangest haunted house I’ve ever gone through.  The actors were dressed in full body spandex suits, face and all.  It was indoors with a chain link maze from one end to the other.   The actors made weird movements and peered at you through their costumes but made little to no sounds.  As it would be difficult to see all the features at King’s Island during their open hours, I would recommend that you not add Mysteria to your ‘Must See’ list.

My favorite haunt by far was the “Tombstone Terror-tory.”  This incorporates the train that takes you between the water park area and the roller coasters during the normal park season.

“Covered bridges and foggy terrain disguise the evil that lurks in every direction as you travel aboard a midnight train.  But don’t be alarmed.  We guarantee you’ll make it to your final destination!”

According to a few King’s Island enthusiast friends of mine, “The train gets hijacked every year!”  However, I’d never gone on it and it was a complete surprise to me when the train stopped in the dark scary woods.  Then, hijacking ghosts boarded the train and ordered everybody off.  My boyfriend wasn’t moving fast enough, so I literally jumped over him in his seat to get off the train.

After they scared us off the train, we followed a wooden bridge trail back to the main park.  Of course there were monsters around every bend, which was to be expected.  However, a couple of them still managed to scare me quite well.

We didn’t get to go through many of the haunted houses because I was more interested in the rides.  If we have a chance to go back this year, I’d really like to check out Urgent Scare and Holiday Horror.


My boyfriend says that I am brave until I am on a roller coaster.  I tend to do a decent bit of screaming.  We rode a lot of the rides and it was very much fun.

Windseeker is one of the newer rides at King’s Island.  It is a classic swing in a circle ride, but it goes very high up in the air and twirls you around.  It offered a wonderful view of the park and was quite romantic.  Don’t expect to get a smooch on this ride, however, because you are very securely belted in.  Just hold hands instead.

The Beast is my favorite if I find myself at King’s Island after night falls.  It goes into a dark corner of the park and is absolutely terrifying.  I screamed so loud on The Beast that the people behind us were laughing.  Behind us?  Yes.  The line for the ride was so short, we waited a few extra minutes to sit in the very front seat on The Beast.  Well worth it!

Firehawk makes you feel like superman.  You end up going through this ride on your belly.  It was quite fun, but was the first coaster I’ve ever ridden while wearing glasses (I was preparing to get tested for LASIK), and I was terrified they would fall off!


My boyfriend loves wrestling and was excited to hear that King’s Island was hosting the Half Pint Brawlers, a wrestling troupe made up of little people.

This was by far one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.  The fellow they picked to MC the pre-show droned on and on like an automatic tape player and was completely unable to engage the audience.
I was horrified when the brawlers walked into the ring with staple guns and proceeded to request dollar bills from the audience to staple to each other.

The MC kept saying, “Are you ready to see a midget bleed?”  I was not prepared for that, especially if the bleeding was going to be initiated with a staple gun instead of a wrestling match.  Call me old fashioned…
We didn’t stay at Half Pint Brawlers show for very long and I would be surprised if King’s Island invites these fellows back for another year.


We got a couple Five Guys Burgers and ate in the car on our way to King’s Island.  This was a cost effective idea and served us well.  We had a funnel cake as a late night snack, and then got some apple cider and hot chocolate at their Starbucks to drink on our way home.  I needed a hot drink to soothe my throat after all the screaming I did.


We had an amazing time at King’s Island and I can’t wait to go back next Halloween.  We got there before it opened and stayed until the park closed and they played a recording that said, “Get out!”  You should do your best to make it there for Halloween Haunt.

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