Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick post

I'm tracking my food for the day, just to kind of see what types of food I am eating and do a quick calorie count.

I may or may not post the list here later.

These are the peppers I bought at the Northside Farmer's market yesterday.  I bought him out :).
Some of them are starting to turn a little bit, but I'll just cut those parts off.  I'm really not picky.  I love the scratch and dent section at the grocery store.  I go through so much produce that I am often able to use up whatever it is immediately.

This is a picture of my 'making do' breakfast at the Holiday Inn over the weekend.  This is a multigrain bagel with peanut butter and a banana.  This was delicious, but only kept my satisfied for about an hour.  It probably would have been better if I took one to go, as well. 

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