Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning (Homemade Cinnamon Rolls)

I spent Christmas Eve with my family and we shared some great food and some good times.  We ended the evening across the street with our neighbors for their annual Christmas Eve party.  They also had great food and some good times.

Despite a late start Christmas morning (I slept until around 10, when my sister woke me up trying to plug in the Christmas tree in my bedroom), I was committed to making homemade cinnamon rolls.  I had searched high and low trying to find a perfect recipe.

The one I chose wasn't all that great, and I will be seeking out a new recipe in the future.  It did, however, make for some really pretty pictures.  Doesn't it look yummy?  Can you even tell that its not amazing?

I didn't remember to take pictures until I was up to this point

The pecans I used were provided by my father, who had candied them for yams the night before

looks yummy, yes?

All rolled up


This recipe called for an embarrassing amount of butter

ready for the oven!


yum.  I bought milk for this very purpose :)


  1. I saw a post where the person rolled up bacon (cooked) into his cinnamon rolls before baking. I want to try that.

  2. OOPS! sorry I just read your bio and discovered you are a vegan.
    No offense intended.
    The cinnamon rolls look awesome all on their own.

  3. No offense taken, though I did have a few giggles when I read your follow up comment :)
    I'm vegan focused, but am very much an omnivore.
    That recipe definitely called for 2 entire sticks of butter!

    Did you see my post about the bacon caramel corn that I made? I was inspired by A Dork and His Pork.

    Gotta love bacon :)