Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yam's Best of 2010

2010 was a pretty big year for me.  Was it for you?

-Started training for the Flying Pig (FULL!) Marathon..my first full marathon
-Became known among my co-workers for my weird green smoothies
-I receive an email solicitation to join the CIA.  I don't answer

-I attempt to grow a Chia-Pet
-I fail to grow a Chia-Pet
-I run 10 miles in a foot of snow.
-I slip on the ice on my way to a job interview at my job and mangle my knee.  I manage to calm myself down and perform awesome in the interview
-I get the job!

-Started a new job within my company.  An awesome leap forward in my career
-Ran 18 consecutive miles for the first time ever. 
-Tripped over a huge hunk of stupid concrete sidewalk while training for marathon.  Fell very hard.  Managed to get up before anyone noticed :)

-Active Release Technique guy says, "Your adductors are wrecked!"  Little do I know that this is baaaad foreshadowing for my marathon/marathon recovery
-Took an American on a date to Spring Grove Cemetery.  Springs meeting with grandmother and roommate.  Did not get asked for second date...
-Visited the Harley Davidson Museum!

-Ran the Flying Pig Marathon and finished!
*Might not have made it if it were not for the loving support of my friends and family, including my mother who ran 5 miles with me when I was ready to give up.
-Bought myself a giant pink futon cover as a reward for completing the Pig
-Got a speeding ticket for going much too fast (in the car!)

-Took a Russian to a cemetery on a date.  Did not get asked for second date...
-Gained ownership of a 40 gallon fish tank and Thomas, the noisiest cat known to mankind.
-Started a garden in the backyard!

-Made bad choices and got poison ivy that would just not quit...required trip to urgent care :(
-Saturday July 24th-Performed very poorly in the Great Ohio River Swim.
-had my first date with my awesome boyfriend :) after the River Swim

-Realized I would not be able to run a 10 mile race in October and gave up my registration to a friend.  The first time missing that race in three years.
-Visited silly hotel in Wisconsin and stay in hotel room with bunk beds...hmmm...
-Visited an orthopedist and decided not to go back

-Celebrated my given birthday at Oktoberfest in Main Strasse
-Sent random messages to facebook regarding mustaches and hot dogs that I don't remember...
-Decide to skip Oktoberfest Zinzinnati since I am still recovering from Oktoberfest Main Strasse

-Celebrated my chosen birthday at our annual Halloween costume party
-Wore a penguin suit into a gas station and bought ice cream while the clerk giggled
-Had an amazing psychic reading.  The best I've had, to date.

- Mourned CELEBRATED the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell
-Enrolled in classes for grad school
-Wrapped presents for charity :)
-started running again, slowly

Now, for 2011.  Starting with January:
-While on vacation with hot Australian guy, he asks if I want to look around this cemetery.  Yes, please.

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