Monday, January 24, 2011

The Blind Lemon

Do you know that I've never really 'gone out' in Mt. Adams before?  I had the impression that it was a secret haven for jerky college boys, so I never really went there.  My roommates have been trying to get me to go up there for a few years now and I've always escaped the invite.  Until the Sunday prior to Martin Luther King day.  I have been working a whole lot and just started grad school, so my off hours are definitely valuable.  But I really wanted to visit a friend's place for her birthday.

After her birthday, the plan was to visit The Blind Lemon.  Recognizing that I have no idea what it'll be like up there, my roommates agree to my request that we be home by midnight.  Little did I know that I would be having so much fun I wouldn't want to go home!

Prior to the above photo being taken, we stopped by our friend's house for a few cocktails.
I wasn't able to get a good picture, but you can see Queen City Steel from my friend's front porch!  I am too excited about that fact to care about the picture quality, so here it is.

I got a number of interesting pictures outside the bar itself.  It certainly seems to have a lot of character.
Should I add Mother Yam and Father Yam to this list?

I thought the entryway was a bit scary.  You have to go down a very narrow stairwell to get in.  It's so small and cozy in in the bar that it almost seems like you are going below deck on a ship.

Nice napkins, of course.  :)

We ordered a bottle of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, which is a delicious sweet white wine.

The bartender has apparently been here for like 40 years.  After I posted about this visit on Facebook, my parents told me that The Blind Lemon was the first bar that they visited when they moved to Cincinnati in the 1970's.  My mom was 9 months pregnant and got carded!  heh.  Guess they figured she might be drinking?  I wonder if the same bartender...hmm..  I didn't get carded.  :)

I took a few more pictures of friends that were out, but I don't want to display them on the blog without talking to them first...I'll leave you with one last picture...

I had a really nice seat at the bar right in front of a little fireplace.  How cute!!  These copper pans and tea kettles were hanging all over the place and made for a nice ambiance.

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