Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tracy Walker at College Hill Coffee Company

Every once in a while I manage to steal away from work, home, and school and go do something fun.  I had my first visit to College Hill Coffee Company, with the intent to watch Tracy Walker and Friends perform.  This is truly an all ages grandmother meets with ladies from a church group here.

I have driven by on multiple occasions, but I don't think I've ever actually gone inside for whatever reason.  Its not a super huge place, and Tracy Walker fans were out in force, so there was very limited seating.

Below Zero saw that I RSVP'd to attend, and shot me a message to ask if I wanted to hang out and watch the show together.  She recommended we get there early to make sure we could get good seats.  Well...we got there a half hour before the performance was scheduled to begin and there was only one seat left!  Reluctant to stand for the next three hours during the show, we took the seat....behind this big shelf.  :(

See my leg?  lol.  We were not able see the show from here.  However...I did find myself craving some maple syrup!

College Hill Coffee Co. has some delicious desserts, so we took a peek at a few by the front counter before placing our order.  Below Zero picked out two yummy looking truffles with a bottomless coffee to compliment, since there was an impending third shift to be worked (not by me, fortunately).  I selected a deep dish apple pie and a hot chocolate.

B.Z. and I hung out on the loveseat and chit chatting through most of the performance, since we weren't able to actually see the show.  Occasionally one of us would stop the other to listen to a favorite part of a favorite song.  There were some interesting looking things available for purchase surrounding our little hideout.  I really want some of these socks.  My grandmother mentioned them when I told her I'd visited here.

Super hip bags.  Perhaps just the kind I need to transport my books to and fro during grad school?  I didn't buy one though.

Towards the end of the evening we snuck out of our hide-away and I grabbed a couple pictures of the band.

This was a fun night.  Tasty pie, good conversation, good music, and plenty of stuff to look at.

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