Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How not to make orange marmalade

I needed homemade orange marmalade for a cake I was making.  It seemed simple enough...boil oranges in sugar water.  Drain, chop, add a few other ingredients, then boil down into jelly like consistency.

Nowhere in the recipe, however, does it say "go take a shower so you won't be late for your evening plans."  You should know that this recipe does not end well.

It starts off simple enough.  Sugar and water.

Then you mix in some orange slices and boil until the orange peel is tender.

You drain away the syrup from the boiling and then chop the oranges into appropriate sizes to be in a marmalade.

Here it is in the pan, pre-burning.
Delicious, right?  Except then I decided I would multi-task and get in the shower.  Never get in the shower the first time you try a recipe.  And certainly not when you have sugar boiling...

Not exactly what I intended.  I ended up using Smucker's Organic Blackberry preserves instead.  Oh well.

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