Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, I didn't actually get a bingo.

Last week, Below Zero suggested we go downtown and wander around to see what trouble we might find.  We started at the cheap parking lot, then we flipped a quarter each time we got to an intersection to see which direction we might go.

Above you see the view at Fountain Square.  We also found a little coffee shop, one that I've heard of but never entered.

Below Zero was a bit hungry, so when we found ourselves on Vine Street, we headed straight for Hamburger Mary's.  Wouldn't you know, it was BINGO night!

We started out with two BINGO sheets apiece...then some nice folks that were leaving gave us theirs two!  Mwa-ha-ha-ha.  Epic BINGO!

Neither one of us won at BINGO, but thats ok.  It was super fun to play.

Our travels for the evening ended at Mary's.  I had to get home to get to sleep since it was a work night. 



  1. Where's the coffee joint downtown? You never posted the intersection.

  2. http://www.tazzamia.com/
    I'm not sure exactly where that was. It was a black away from Fountain square.