Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fancy Roast Chicken

I'm testing recipes to cook for a meat eating friend over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Since I haven't been cooking with animals at home much, I decided I'd better start now and try out some recipes.

Enter this recipe:  Sexy Saturday Night Roast Chicken
Except I didn't make mine on a Saturday, and it didn't really look like hers...but was tasty.

Here are the key ingredients.  Chicken, lemon, and prosciutto (pro Shoot oh...kind of).  Oh, and fresh sage leaves.  not pictured.  I promise I didn't eat them. is the sage.  and the prosciutto...which is a dry, cured ham.  If you know my eating habits very well, you'll note that I like to consider myself a ham aficionado.  I really enjoy ham.

But alas, this is a blog post about chicken.  So I will let the chicken have the spotlight.  Just remember, there is secret ham involved.
Chickens like it hot and fast, so I cooked this one at 450 for about an hour.

 and a super artsy fancy foodie shot for good measure:

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