Monday, October 25, 2010

Vegan Pizza

This is a photo essay of my first time using Daiya, which is vegan cheese.
Having never tried vegan cheese before, I can't say I was impressed or disappointed. 
Likes:  It melted like regular cheese

Dislikes:  It looked like fake plastic was melted on my pizza, and it didn't really taste cheesy.

First, we start with homemade dough.  I used this recipe.
Here is the dough in the bowl, getting ready to start and uprising.

Then, I convinced my sister to try some GT's kombucha.  To make it a special event, I poured it into a champagne glass.  :)  She tried the guava flavor.  She gave it a good try, and drank at least half the glass.  It just didn't tickle her I gladly helped her finish it.  I need to put my kombucha in champagne glasses more often.

While all that kombucha goodness was going on, I was preparing eggplant.  Slicing and salting, rinsing, then coating in coconut oil.

Sprinkled with Italian Seasonings
Now I am pre-baking the dough a little bit.  This makes it so the toppings don't burn while you are waiting for the crust to cook.  You also avoid mushy middle.
I made my own sauce as well.   In the future, I will use caution with my crushed red pepper flakes!  I got a new jar and they are much more potent then the ones I had before.  This ended up being pretty spicy sauce.

I also made my own pesto with cilantro, almonds, and basil (the basil was grown right in my very own backyard!)


Add in some cilantro

some almonds...

so good i was eating it with a spoon

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough pesto to cover my entire (giant) pizza crust.  So I had a little bit without anything on it.  That part of the crust got burned and I broke it off and threw it away.

And here are a few pictures of the finished product:

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  1. That pesto is awesome! I definitely agree with you on the cheese, it tastes ok but looks freaky melted. I wonder if it would brown up if cooked longer? What are we cooking next time?