Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vegan Mushroom and Spinach Strata

Sunday morning, I thought a fancy breakfast was in order.  I had this recipe in mind because it made lots of servings and looked like it would reheat well so I could eat it all week.  I was right.  :)

Start off with a little mushroom and a little onion, and sautee all nice:
Next I needed to make the custard.  No heavy cream or cheese here!  Just some soft tofu, mustard (for eggy color), corn starch, and lemon juice.
All blended up:
Add some spinach in to the yummy mushrooms:

Note, the following is the last orderly looky purty picture for this post.  Next, you mix in some cubed bread.
You blend it all together until it looks so messy you think you should probably just throw it out...
And here are three photos of the nom nom nom nom n om nom...delicious...nom n om nom...product

nom nom nom nom nom....

This was, in fact, terrific.  I got 4-5 breakfasts out of it.  yay!

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